Old Rochester's Winter Farmers' Market

Visit us every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, from 10:00am- 1:00pm inside the Old Rochester Regional Junior High School Gymnasium from December 9th- April 28th for our local Farmers' Market.

See you at the Market!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19, 2010 Farmers' Market

Matt Putnam will entertain us at October 19th's Market

October 19th's Market has a great deal to offer. There will be plenty of butternut squash, potatoes, and produce for you to stock up on for the winter. It is time to chop and freeze all of the delicious vegetables our local farmers have been growing for us, so that we can get through the winter months. There will also be plenty of pumpkins for pumpkin pie, stuffed pumpkin, or for jack-o-lantern fun.

Participating in this week's market are:

Lucky Field Organics (Rochester, organic), with a wide variety of organically grown produce. Fingerling potatoes, swiss chard, kale, shallots, tomatoes, and pea greens are just some of the wonderful vegetables available. I know I'll be stocking up on the potatoes...

Engelnook Rescue Farm (Rochester, pesticide free) will again have their farm fresh eggs, Great Hill Blue Cheese, Shy Bros. Cheeses, and the hottest of hot peppers. Cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and more will be at this table, too. Don't forget to stop by and say hello to Macho, he'll be glad to see you.

Dixon Farm (Rochester, select spray) has wonderful fall offerings like pumpkins, gourds, and grape vine wreaths with gorgeous flowers. Everyone has been buzzing about their yummy red peppers. They also bring along cranberries, another fall favorite.

Cervelli Farm (Rochester, conventional) will have their famous corn as well as their fall bounty, and information about their Transportation Corn maze, located at their farm in Rochester. Cervelli Farm has been bringing along the cutest little pumpkins...perfect for fall decorating.

Tripp Farm (Westport, conventional) will have their plate specials available to you. Tomatoes, squash, peppers, beets and more..


The Artisan Kitchen (Rochester) will bring along all of their delicious baked goods, including fresh baked breads, brownies, macaroons, quiches, and all the treats you love.

Great Cape Baking Co. (Marston Mills) has too many varieties of bread to list! You have to stop by this table to check them all out. Canadian Brown bread, Jalapeno bread, Vermont Cheddar bread, Dill bread are just some of the incredible varieties they make.

Prepared Food Items:

Al's Backwood's Berrie Co. (Plymouth) has joined the market with their delectable fruit jams and raw honey. With jams like Raspberry Rum, Strawberry, Blueberry, Jalapeno Pepper Jam, CranRaspberry, CranApple, BlueCranberry, Peach Brandy and Blackberry Brandy, they are sure to have a jam that matches your preferences.

Mamma Stella's Cape Cod Seasoning has put in a bottle a seasoning mixture that makes everything from vegetables to steak taste great. Especially good for a quick seasoning for grilled foods, Mamma Stella's seasoning is a must try. Visit their table and they will offer you some fresh cut veggies with Mamma Stella's on it and roasted sunflower seeds that have been roasted with the seasoning. Good stuff!

For your Doggie:

Go Fetch Treats (Westport) brings all natural treats for your lovable canine. With a variety of treats, this table is sure to make your special friend very happy, as they are made with fresh vegetables and farm fresh eggs. Your dog can be a locavore, too!

Local crafters:

Willow Grove (Fall River) offers handmade soaps, tie-dyes, shopping bags and eye pillows. Their soaps are made from the finest ingredients with scents that are wonderfully subtle. They also have tie-dyes in all sizes, so you can find one for everyone in the family. The shopping bags are all hand made, so they are incredibly durable and can hold quite a bit.

Cleaning your Home:

SoBerry Clean (Bourne) offers Organic Soapberries, also known as soapnuts, are a natural choice for your laundry needs. Organic Soapberries make for a simple transition to a healthier and greener way to get your laundry clean. These berries contain saponin, a naturally occurring surfactant that gets your laundry clean.

We'll all be at the market from 3-6pm!

Come along with your re-usable shopping bags and join us for the last Farmers' Market of the season.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010 Old Rochester Farmers' Market

We are greatly looking forward to another wonderful market today! With pumpkins, corn, and butternut squash the market has available the basic ingredients for your fall soups. There will be gorgeous mums, tie-dyes, soaps, a plethora of vegetables and more ready for you to bring on home.
Don't forget your re-usable shopping bag!

Participating in today's market:

Lucky Field Organics (Rochester) with their organic produce. Supporting organic agriculture is not only good for your family, but great for our eco-system, too.

Engelnook Rescue Farm (Rochester) will be there with Macho, our resident llama, farm fresh eggs, Shy Bros. cheese, Great Hill Blue Cheese, and a wide array of pesticide-free produce.

Dixon Farm (Rochester) will bring along cranberries, butternut squash, pumpkins, grape wreaths, dried flower arrangements and more. Select spray Farm

Cervelli Farm (Rochester) will have their famous corn as well as their fall bounty, and information about their Transportation Corn maze that you can bring the family to. Conventional Farm

Tripp Farm (Westport) has their plate specials available to you. Conventional Farm


The Artisan Kitchen (Rochester) will bring along all of their delicious baked goods, including fresh baked breads, brownies, macaroons, quiches, and all the treats you love.

Locally made products:

Al's Backwood's Berrie Co. (Plymouth) offers great homemade jams as well as raw honey.

Willow Grove (Fall River) brings along their own homemade tie-dyes and handmade soaps. They also offer wonderful handmade shopping bags that are made to hold a great deal. You just have to check out this tent.

Go Fetch! Treats (Westport) homemade, delicious doggie treats. Only the best for mans best friend.

Cleaning Products:

SoBerry Clean (Bourne) will be at the market with their organic soapberries for cleaning laundry. These berries are a chemical free way to get your laundry clean. Stop by and ask them what these little berries are all about.

Entertaining us this week are:

Karen Woodhall, Carl McPhee and Linda Hannigan are a vocal group that have honed their musical skills these past few years with each taking lead on any given song. This trio’s strong harmonies are musical candy and their tastes are bluegrassy, country and folk. Carl plays guitar and banjo and will even entertain you with an original or two. Linda has taken up the mandolin so enjoy this acoustic or as Carl says “all wooden music”, which is the best. There’s nothing electric here, except the vocal blend!

See you at the market!

Monday, October 4, 2010

October 5, 2010 Old Rochester Farmers' Market

Fall Harvest is Here...

This week's farmers' market will amaze you with just how much produce continues to be available straight from your local farmers. The stars of the show this week will be the beautiful pumpkins, butternut squash, and mums.

As always, there will be great music, llamas and yummy food for you to bring home and nourish your families with. We will be there having great fun from 3-6pm at the Old Rochester Regional Junior High School.

We hope to see you there!