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Visit us every Tuesday, from 3:00-6:00pm outside the Old Rochester Regional Junior High School Gymnasium from June 19th- September 18th at our local Farmers' Market.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

June 7, 2011 Old Rochester Farmers' Market

Yay! It is officially time to be planting!
It all begins with a flat or two...


Allen Farm (Organic, Westport) Fresh Greenhouse Grown Greens, Potted Herbs
Each week, Allen Farms comes with a wide array of potted herbs, vegetable and herb starts as well as freshly grown greens. From herbs to tea plants, cherry tomato starts to freshly clipped pea greens Allen Farms brings you Spring's harvest to enjoy.

Engelnook Farm (Pesticide-free, Rochester) Farm fresh eggs, Great Hill Blue Cheese, Narragansett Creamery Cheeses and Yogurt, Llama Manure
Have you read all the buzz about using llama manure in the garden? It gets exceptional reviews--like you can use it close up to plants and it won't burn, it composts well, and it makes the plants grow big and with great color. That is only what you read about it. For certain, one would have to try it out to see...

J. H. Beaulieu Livestock and Produce Farm (Naturally grown field raised beef, eggs Fairhaven)
With all the reports that naturally raised, farm fresh meat is superior nutritionally and for its quality, Beaulieu Farm is committed to meeting these standards. Thanks, Joe.

Lucky Field Organics (Organic, Rochester) Root vegetables, Vegetable starts (including tomatoes and eggplant), Potted flowers, Fresh Herbs and Greens
Seed starts to fill in your gardens, fresh cut flowers to adorn your rooms, and veggies to fill the fridge can be found at Lucky Field. Weston and crew planted these seed starts in the green house, and have been tending to them for months for us. Let's plant them and enjoy them growing. Memorial Day has passed, and its time to get that earth moving.


Drake Lobster (Marion, MA) Fresh Caught Lobster
Jarrett catches lobster Tuesday morning and brings his catch directly to the market. These lobsters were hanging out in the ocean, not in a lobster tank. Lobster in the summer in Massachusetts--lucky us!

Gail's Goodies (Mattapoisett, MA) An assortment of Delightful Deserts
Cupcakes, pies, and cannolis abound at Mattaopoisett's own Gail's Goodies. Great place to stop if you ever need that perfect dessert for dinner plans.

Great Cape Baking Co. (Marston Mills, MA) Fresh baked breads, Breadsticks
If you want to see a plethora of bread types, Great Cape has just the variety to impress you. Patience offers market goers with an amazing spread of breads each week. A bountiful selection of sandwich breads, quick breads, and bread sticks is available for you to choose from.

Rein's Real Rye (Waquoit, MA) Fresh Baked Traditional Rye Bread
Have you tried Rein's Rye yet? It is Real. Rein has really worked hard to perfect this age old recipe. You have got to check it out.

The Artisan Bakeshop (Rochester, MA) Fresh Baked Breads, Brownies, Cookies, and more.
Whether you are looking for fresh baked breads, muffins, or quiche you are sure to find it at the Artisan Bakeshop. A Tri-town favorite brings you yummy treats with many locally sourced ingredients. Ask Tabitha what is new this week.

Value Added Foods:

Al's Backwood's Berrie Co. (Plymouth, MA) Fresh Jams and Jellies, Honey
Al has spent a while learning his grandmother's jam and jelly recipes and with good result. Stop by and enjoy a sample of the Raspberry Rum or Blueberry. Delicious. Check out the raw honey, too. Known for its amazing health benefits for allergies, raw honey is great for seasoning foods, tea, or as a replacement for sugar in recipes.

Dave's Cape Cod Smokehouse (Harwich, MA) Fresh smoked meats and fish, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Cod Cakes
Dave has figured out how to use the grill. And the smokehouse is figured out, too. With fresh ingredients and tried and true recipes, Dave offers delectable fish every week. If you are looking for that certain something to start a meal off, a pate or smoked fish can be quite wonderful.

How on Earth (Mattapoisett, MA)
Chef Colin offers market goers with a sampling of what is available at How on Earth in Mattapoisett. With locally sourced, naturally raised product--a chef is always happy to have fresh and vibrant ingredients to work with. Stop by to see what is on the menu this week.

Other Necessities:

Go Fetch! Treats (New Bedford, MA) Fresh Baked Doggie Treats
Your pup will love these fresh, wholesome treats. Fresh baked--these doggie treats are the real thing. While made from carrots, rolled oats, rye flour and molasses they really are designed for man's best friend.

The Willow Grove (Fall River, MA) Handcrafted Soaps and Aromatherapy Products
With long lasting small batch soaps and aromatherapy pillows, the Willow Grove tent allows one to stop and enjoy the scents of the flowers. The colorful tye dies also evoke the sense that maybe summer really is right around the corner.

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