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Visit us every Tuesday, from 3:00-6:00pm outside the Old Rochester Regional Junior High School Gymnasium from June 19th- September 18th at our local Farmers' Market.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Suddenly, Week Seven of the Old Rochester Farmers' Market is here. It seems unbelievable that six weeks have gone by already, but here we are at the height of the growing season and the farmer's tables will have amazing diversity this week.  Tomatoes and corn are in as well as the decadently delicious wineberries.  The market is growing, and you never know what fabulous new vegetable or fruit you will discover waiting for you to bring it home.  Sometimes the wonderful foods don't even make it home.  One family bought a carton of sugar snap peas from Skinny Dip Farm last Tuesday and it was gone by the time they finished their shopping.  They were quite delighted with their purchase.

Come on down and join in on the fun.  Invite your friends and neighbors--they need to know what amazing local foods are available to them each Tuesday at the Old Rochester Farmers' Market.

This week brings:


Allen Farms, Westport, MA Certified Organic
Allen Farms brings a variety of greenhouse greens, herbs, fresh cut lavender and potted herbs.  This week's special offering is wineberries.  Deb's wineberries always sell out quickly, so get to the market early so that you don't miss out.  Also, Deb will have more of the fun and decorative cut and grow lettuce hanging pots.  These hanging pots have been wildly popular.  They are perfect as some color for the patio, yet functional, too.

Cervelli Farm, Rochester, MA Conventional
Everyone loves fresh from the field Cervelli corn.  Gathered on Tuesday mornings, this corn is amazingly delicious.  If you don't want to be missing Cervelli's corn when it is out of season, buy a couple extra ears, cut off the kernels, and freeze it for winter use.  This week, Scott will also have available tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, summer squash, zucchini, butta squash, cucumbers, spinach, and heads of lettuce.

Engelnook Farm, Rochester, MA Pesticide-Free
Farm Fresh Eggs from Engelnook
Eggs, Narragansett Creamery Cheeses, and meats available for order can all be found at the Engelnook tent. This week Joanie is featuring Narragansett's Vanilla Yogurt, Plain Angelito Spread, and Ciliegine cheese.  Ciliegine is fresh mozzarella that comes in small cherry tomato sized balls.  It is terrific for cherry tomato, ciliegine and basil skewers.

Skinny Dip Farm, Westport, MA Certified Organic

Happy Hannah with her lovely produce
Skinny Dip Farm is back and we are quite happy to have them joining us for the remainder of the season.  Ben and Hannah grow a wide variety of produce, herbs, and flowers.  This week they will delight market goers with a selection of lettuce, onions (yay! the onions are in), garlic, squashes, cucumbers, fresh cut herbs, and flowers. 

Gail's Goodies, Mattapoisett, MA
Gail bakes all day on Tuesday to bring you a wonderful assortment of fresh bread, muffins, scones, delicious treats and prepared food items as well.

Great Cape Baking Co., Barnstable, MA
With a wide variety of fresh baked breads, you are sure to find a bread that suits your tastes.

Value Added Foods

Al's Backwood's Berrie Co., Plymouth, MA
Al is working hard in his jam kitchen working up delicious new recipes all the time.  Each week brings a new surprise.  His spreads aren't just for toast either--they lend themselves well to using in marinades, thickeners, and whatever else your culinary genius can concoct.  Stop on by Al's tent to try some samples and choose some yumminess to bring home.  Raw, local honey is available as well.

Liv a Little, Rochester, MA
Chocolate Nachos made fresh in Rochester.  Varieties include Sunflower Seed, Toffee and Pecan.  Sarah's chocolate nachos are not your average dessert.

Mama Stella's, Osterville, MA
Mama Stella's in the Stella's family recipe for seasoning.  A versatile seasoning, it can be used for vegetables, meats, fishes, eggs--anything, really.  If you are curious, try a sample.

Simpson Spring, Easton, MA
Snap open a bottle of Simpson Spring
Joining us this year is Simpson Spring.  They make their own sodas from water they source from their spring.  The orange soda includes so much real orange--it is like drinking carbonated orange juice.  Ask for a sample, you'll be glad you did.  Bottled spring water from their private spring is available, too.

Ruuska Pickles, Plymouth, MA
These pickles are dill-icious.  Fresh, crisp, and perfectly seasoned Ruuska pickles are available in Dill, Spicy Dill, and Bread and Butter. 

Additional  Necessities

Go Fetch! New Bedford, MA
Go Fetch! offers market-goers high quality dog treats made from real foods.  Hand-made dog beds are also available.  These treats will make your doggie quite happy.  With flavors like liver, salmon, and peanut butter--how could you go wrong?  Michelle also makes all natural flea and tick repellents from essential oils--no chemicals involved, so that you don't have to worry about your doggie's health.

Sacs de Chiffon, Warwick, RI
Sacs de Chiffon are all original designs by fabric artist, Cindy.  Cindy currently makes Wine Baskets, Wine Sacs, Hands-Free Bags(so you can hold your Wine Glass/Cocktail), Coasters(in-case you need to place your Wine Glass/Cocktail down), Evening Clutches, Wallets, Belts, Hair Clips, and Headbands.  All just for you from high-end rescued upholstery fabric.  Come, shop, browse for that perfect functional, wearable art. 

Willow Grove, Fall River, MA

Back with her lovely soaps, the Willow Grove product line has expanded with body lotions, bath teas and other great body care products. Using only natural ingredients these products are a dream.

Don't forget your re-usable shopping bag.  There will be lots at the market to fill it up with!  And please remember that the market opens at 3:00, if you are early please feel free to browse but we ask you to hold your purchases until 3.  Waiting until 3:00 allows the farmers a chance to get fully set up.  Thank you.

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