Old Rochester's Winter Farmers' Market

Visit us every Tuesday, from 3:00-6:00pm outside the Old Rochester Regional Junior High School Gymnasium from June 19th- September 18th at our local Farmers' Market.

See you at the Market!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Old Rochester’s Winter Farmers’ Market
Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 10:00am- 1:00 pm
Old Rochester Regional Junior High School Gym
Saturday, February 27th  

Barefoot String Band… Live old time fiddle music will be this week’s entertainment!

Vendors Include:  
1773 Roasters- Freshly roasted coffees from Bolivia, Brazil, and Costa Rica. The coffees are all mountain grown and handpicked resulting in the highest quality possible.  They will be whole bean or ground in 1 or 1 ½ IB quantities. Additionally, cups of coffee or iced coffee will be available for purchase.  

D’Lectables- At the market this week D's Lectables will be offering assorted cookies, brownies, coffee cakes and granola bars as well as cheese crackers and cookie mix for home baking.

Debbie’s Soaps- Natural bar soaps
Mama’s Bees- We are Beekeepers offering products made from ingredients derived from hives, including 100% beeswax candles (natural air purifiers), as well as lip balms, creams, and paw balms for dogs, made using honey and beeswax.

No Joke Smoke BBQ- We will have all of our Winter Sauces this week!! 
Toffamel- a savory sauce with a toffee twist!
GOSH- A perfect addition to any stew on these wintry nights!!
Kahlua Coffee Madness- Made with a specially blended coffee just for NJS!And of course our signature sauces 
Saweet Heat and Wicked Honey Mustard.  Serving: Smoked Gouda Stuffed Turkey Meatball Slider w/ Saweet Heat 

Patty’s Patch/ Peter’s Cranberries- Cranberries sauce, butternut squash, Winter Squash and Apples, Honey and Farm Fresh Eggs.

Pies by Moira- At this weeks Market I'll have Sweet Potato(Skinny Dip Farm) and Kale Hand Pies in a Cheddar Cheese Pastry Crust, Spinach and Feta Hand Pies  in a Cheddar Cheese Pastry Crust, Chicken Pot Pies, French Meat Pies, Blueberry Hand Pies, Native Strawberry and Peach( fruit previously frozen from Cervelli's), Apple Pies, Apple Crisp Pies, and Wild Maine Blueberry Pie. 

Rein’s Real Baking- Artisan Bread & Pastries

Running Brooke Vineyards- A variety of wines from the local vineyard grapes, keeping it local. This Saturday, Running Brook will have: 1. 2013 Unoaked Chardonnay 2. 2014 White Pinot Noir 3. 2014 Vidal Blanc (new!) 4. Frost Wine 5. 2014 Cabernet Franc Merlot 6. 2014 Pinot Noir  7. Black Sheep Brandy 8. St. Croix 
Sippican River Farm- Sippican River Farm will be back again to help keep you warm and cozy with our Alpaca products.  Hand crafted and machine made, Hat’s, scarves, gloves, mittens, socks, yarn, dryer balls etc. 

Skinny Dip Farm- We will be bringing spring mix, spinach and rainbow chard from our unheated greenhouses. Also cabbage, turnips, watermelon radish, carrots, beets, onions, shallots and more. All certified organic and grown on our farm. 

Smackadoodles After a long hiatus Smackadoodles will return this week. We will be bringing our Original, Choc Chip Cookie Dough, Lemon Blueberry, Gluten Free & a savory.
Solar City- Ways to save on your electricity bill
Weatherlow Farms- We will be offering grass fed beef (ground, select cuts and roasts), whole and half frozen chickens and fresh eggs (pastured, non-GMO feed).  

Wyandotte Farm- Wyandotte Farm will have Fresh Eggs,
Fresh Chicken, Chicken Pot Pie, French Meat Pie w/gravy, Kale Soup 2 ways, Vegetarian Casoulet and Pulled Pork

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