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Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 10, 2010 Old Rochester Farmers' Market

To market, to market
To buy a.....

With so many fantastic vendors participating in the ORFM, there are certainly a plethora of options to finish with! This week's market offers you local, fresh vegetables, fruit, and herbs as well as fresh baked breads, granola, cakes, macaroons, and cupcakes.

...This week, you will see:

Lucky Fields Organics (Rochester), with their fantastic organically farmed produce and herbs. Each week they come along with the most beautiful tomatoes, eggplant and squashes. Lucky Fields also offers a great variety of cucumbers to choose from as well. You'll be surprised by how many varieties of cucumber there are. Stop by and see Zack, he'll be sure to help you out with finding great produce for your summertime meals.

Engelnook Farm (Rochester) will be at the market again, with their LLAMAS. That's right, they are bringing their two pet llamas for us to enjoy at the market. Everyone had so much fun last week petting and getting up close to the llamas that they have commanded a repeat performance. Engelnook also offers great produce and fruit. With super spicy hot peppers, squashes, cucumbers, and delicious peaches--you'll be happy with any purchases you make from Engelnook. They also offer Great Hill Blue Cheese and Eggs--both of which they sold out of last week, so stop by this table early.

Tripp Farm (Westport) offers conventionally grown tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, squashes and zucchini, potatoes, cucumbers and more. Gorgeous, potted hydrangeas and pink diamonds are also available for your garden. This vendor sells their produce by the plate, so you are certain to find value with your purchases at this table. Walter does a great job of keeping the table stocked for you.

Cervelli Farm (Rochester) is absolutely a local favorite. Known for their corn, they also bring to the market beets, green beans, cucumbers, potatoes, a variety of greens and soooo much more! Every week they bring beautiful fresh cut flowers with the most vibrant colors. They sold out of their corn last week, so this is another table that you want to visit early.

Cape Cod Baking Co. (Harwich) has started venturing off the Cape to offer the Tri-town area their wonderful, fresh baked breads. Try the Canadian Brown Bread--my loaf didn't make it past lunch on Wednesday! The whole family gobbled it right up. They offer an incredible variety of bread. Jalapeno, Vermont Cheddar, Chocolate Chip Zucchini, Cinnamon Swirl, Cranberry Orange, Rosemary--and that is just to name a few from a long list. Be amazed by how many variety of breads are possible.

Everyone in the Tri-town knows about the delicious treats and breads The Artisan Kitchen (Rochester) skillfully makes. The garlic stuffed bread is made from fresh garlic and butter, which is the key to why it is so wonderful. Breads, quiches, granola, macaroons and more...

Prepared Foods:
If you are hungry while at the market, stop by our hot dog vendor, Franky's Frank's (Plymouth). The hot dogs Franky's offers are of the highest quality. They offer nitrate-free organic hot dogs, veggie hot dogs, as well as conventional hot dogs. Their are a number of different styling you can order up as well. I enjoyed the New Yorker this week, with a little Jalapeno jam on it, too. Good stuff!

Dave's Cape Cod Smokehouse (Harwich) was such a hit at last week's market. Everyone enjoyed their super yummy smoked fishes and meats. One very happy customer enjoyed a fresh, pulled-pork sandwich. I overheard them consider going back for a second sandwich. While I'm not sure of the outcome, I was glad to know that they enjoyed the sandwich that much. I brought home some Cod Cakes, which my family thought were delicious. We are glad Dave's Smokehouse has joined the market, and know you will be, too.

Al's Backwood's Berrie Co. (Plymouth) is a fun table to visit. You are sure to walk away with a smile and a jar of incredibly good jam. Blackberry Brandy, Strawberry and Blueberry are a few of the wonderful varieties they have perfected.

For local artisans:
Green Knoll Designs (Rochester) will be at the market with their marvelous hand-made jewelry. A local favorite, these beautiful pieces are hand crafted out of the highest quality silver with a variety of gorgeous stones. Be sure to wander through this booth to admire the artistry.

For local Body Care products:
Green Feather Herbs (Swansea) will bring along their hand made facial care, salves, tooth powder, herbal extracts, and get this: Insect Away bug repellent. All of Green Feather Herbs products are organic or locally wild harvested and then made with great care by Jacqueline. What a wonderful way to keep it local.

One Love Body Care (Adamsville, RI) offers you a variety of soaps, creams, balms, oils and bath salts. Many of the herbs, flowers, vegetables and berries used in the recipes are grown by One Love Body Care. Great for all skin types, all products are free of chemicals, tallow, dyes & detergents.

Come on by the market with your reusable shopping bag. See you there!

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  1. Macho joined us this week at the ORFM...here he is with Franky of Franky's Franks. A vegetarian checking out the hot dog stand??? Oh wait, Franky's offers a veggie dog with fixins' from local food makers. THAT must have been what Macho was after!
    Macho resides at Engelnook Farm in Rochester. They are a rescue farm, and Macho was a rescue. Thank you, Engelnook for the great work you do every day!